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Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness

IV Hydration Therapy uses a small catheter to deliver essential vitamins, fluids, and nutrients directly to the bloodstream.

  • Bring essential nutrients that the mind and body need
  • Replenish lost fluid and vitamins
  • Improve the appearance of skin

Almost anyone who wants to improve their overall wellness can benefit from IV Hydration Therapy. However, if you’re looking for a specific result, it’s best to consult a licensed esthetician so they can help you find the right treatment.

IV Hydration Therapy works by delivering minerals, vitamins, and fluids directly to your bloodstream through a small IV into a person’s vein.

This varies from one person to another but normally, after a few initial cycles of IV Hydration Therapy, you can have the treatment once or twice a month.

Our goal is to ensure each client has Le Meilleur experience. Exceptional customer service, pampering, and amazing results will differentiate Le Meilleur from any other medspa experience. Our staff wants you to indulge, enjoy and invest in yourself during your downtime. With each treatment, our focus is on assisting you to achieve your goals.