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Cosmetic lip augmentation is defined as the procedure designed to augment and improve the shape of a lip that is not affected by trauma or congenital deformity. Typically, the upper lip is treated more frequently and to a greater degree than the lower lip.

  • Control over lip volume
  • Bumps dissolve easily
  • Less bruising

If you’re considering lip injections, the good news is that this treatment is safe and effective for almost every patient. Men and women find great success with injections, which are cleared by the FDA for patients 21 and older. You may not be an ideal candidate if you have already had extensive lip enhancement performed surgically or non-surgically. You should talk to your doctor to determine whether this treatment is right for you.

Lip Augmentation contains hyaluronic acid, which attracts and binds with water, further increasing the lip volume through natural hydration. Other formulas may also trigger the body to produce more collagen, a structural element that restores elasticity, firmness, and volume, enhancing lip fullness for several months.

If you and your doctor designed a treatment plan which will build your lip volume over time, you’d return for your next appointment several weeks later. However, if you simply want to maintain your results, you can expect to have 4-6 months to enjoy your lips before you need a touch-up.

Our goal is to ensure each client has Le Meilleur experience. Exceptional customer service, pampering, and amazing results will differentiate Le Meilleur from any other medspa experience. Our staff wants you to indulge, enjoy and invest in yourself during your downtime. With each treatment, our focus is on assisting you to achieve your goals.