Non-Surgical BBL

Non-Surgical BBL In Norco, CA

Fill out your jeans perfectly, get the peach you’ve always wanted and fill in your hip dips with Sculptra, a PLLA filler that lasts approximately 18-24 months, offering a long-term solution for volumizing and creating the hourglass figure you desire. A Non-Surgical BBL can boost your confidence and enhance your hips’ shape. A few strategic injections will stimulate collagen fiber production resulting in larger buttocks. This minimally invasive and low-risk procedure will give you voluptuous buttocks.

The pros of this treatment include:


Non-Surgical BBL

The provider will discuss your aesthetic goals and select the perfect filler. We may use one or a combination of fillers depending if you’d like subtle or significant results. The chosen fillers are injected within the targeted areas on your buttocks to facilitate natural collagen production. You may resume your regular routines on the same day of treatment. The results will appear several weeks or months after the procedure. You may notice mild improvements in the shape of your buttocks after the treatment. The peak results will appear over several weeks and months as your body makes new collagen fibers. It takes the targeted area three months to produce a sufficient amount of collagen for visible results. 

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Sculptra is injected within the areas to stimulate collagen production and restore volume reduction. The results are gradual and will be visible within three to four months.

The results appear in three to four months.

The results can last two to three years.

Yes. You may get bruising after the procedure. This symptom subsides within a few days.

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