Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a process that uses a tooth whitening gel to achieve whiter teeth. Using hydrogen peroxide, this popular treatment effectively lightens surface and deep stains acquired from exposure to acids to achieve a naturally-brighter shade.

Key benefits of Teeth Whitening:


Teeth Whitening

50 Min

Teeth Whitening treatment is ideal for individuals with yellow-stained teeth due to the acids from food or beverages, such as wines and coffees. During teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide is applied to each tooth. This colorless liquid lets out volatile oxygen molecules that lighten the shade of the teeth. After initial treatment, you will see visible results within 72 hours. The results depend on the color of your teeth and your diet. You can repeat teeth whitening to achieve desired whiteness of teeth. Applying Activated Charcoal Powder is recommended to maintain the lighter shade of the teeth. Come in for a professional tooth whitening session to improve the brightness of your smile by an average of 4 shades with each treatment.

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The gentle bleaching solution applied to the teeth combines oxygen from the air and carbon in the dentin to lift the staining molecules on the teeth. It whitens stains within the layers of the dentin and is more effective than regular dental cleanings.

We offer whitening solutions such as Hydrogen Peroxide.

Results from whitening vary for each patient and on the type of stains.

Our whitening procedure will give you instant results in one hour.

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