How Do I Find A Good Aesthetics Practitioner For My Dermal Filler Treatments?

How Do I Find A Good Cosmetic Doctor For My Dermal Filler

Dermal filler treatments can become one of the best cosmetic treatments you can get, effectively reducing signs of aging and other skin blemishes. But as great as dermal fillers are, they are only as effective as the expertise of the cosmetic doctor. Applying dermal filler treatments is almost synonymous with art style rather than pure medical knowledge.

The number of men and women considering dermal fillers is n the rise, with over 3 million dermal filler procedures taking place each year, which means more and more people are open to cosmetic treatments. Plus, dermal fillers themselves are a non-invasive procedure, so it wasn’t a hard decision for many to consider. While getting a dermal filler treatment is so easy, you must be wary about choosing the right professional to do the job.

As the number of non-invasive cosmetic treatments attracts more and more patients eager to try out the treatment, several unqualified aestheticians are catching the trend, keen to make a quick buck. So amidst the sea of providers that offer dermal filler treatments, how do you choose which one suits your needs? To help you choose the right cosmetic doctor for your dermal filler treatments, we’ve set up an all-around guide that you can use to help identify the right cosmetic doctor for you.

1.) Engage With Family Or Friends That Experienced Dermal Filler Treatments

Is there anyone in your social group of family and friends who experienced a dermal filler treatment? There’s no one you can count on more satisfactory than your family and friends, and so if you have someone who had a dermal filler treatment, you can know so much from their experience. A trusted family and friends can give you an honest breakdown of how dermal filler treatments work, find a cosmetic doctor, consultation, procedure, and downtime and recovery process.

If you know anyone personally who had a dermal filler treatment, it will save you a lot of duration and effort in trying to find one. Ask for their recommendations, and it will help you save time and even skip some steps in this guide.

2.) Check Some Reviews Of The Cosmetic Doctors In Your Area

Scouring the internet for reviews before trying or buying a product or a service is quite common these days. Whenever you want to purchase a product online, wouldn’t you want to consider first checking the product reviews? The same goes for finding a cosmetic doctor, but with a more sense of urgency and importance.

Arm yourself with knowledge by finding reviews from former patients and getting a sense of their experiences. The more you find reviews, the better you can see how each cosmetic surgeon does their job in and out of the clinic. Search the online forums, and you’ll see people making more detailed reviews of their experiences.

Likewise, you can also scour social media sites, especially Instagram. There are pages on Instagram dedicated to helping people find reputable cosmetic doctors around their area.

3.) Don’t Necessarily Believe Any Reviews

Always be a healthy skeptic whenever you see reviews on social media pages and other review sites. While they are certainly helpful, they can also be a source of misinformation. Be especially wary of anonymous reviews, whether positive or negative. They can be a bot trying to promote their clinic or a dissatisfied patient wanting to advance their own agenda instead of trying to help others by sharing their personal experience with possible patients.

Likewise, before and after photos can be photoshopped or simply a camera trick by manipulating lighting and shadows. It’s so easy to fake images these days, and those images can be stolen from other sites.

4.) Check Their Qualifications

Finally, found a few candidates that seem reputable online that may potentially do the dermal filler treatments for you? That’s great, but before setting up an appointment with them, you may want to check their qualifications first.

Physician assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, or even aestheticians can apply non-invasive cosmetic procedures under the so-called oversight of a doctor, and just how much so-called oversight there varies widely from clinic to clinic. While non-invasive cosmetic treatments are safer than surgical procedures, they aren’t necessarily 100% safe. They can still have side effects, so you should put your care under a certified cosmetic doctor.

5.) Come Prepared For Your Appointment

Visit a cosmetic doctor with a list of what to ask when you face them. While dermal fillers are relatively an easy cosmetic procedure to do, you must still approach this procedure as if you are asking for cosmetic surgery, ensuring your success. At the end of the consultation appointment, you will want you and your cosmetic surgeon to be on the same page on what you wish out of the dermal filler procedure.

Consultation is the perfect opportunity for you to see the expertise of your cosmetic doctor, and you can see this by checking before and after photos from their previous patients. This is also the best time to express your goals and feel whether they understand what you want and can deliver those goals. Make sure you fully express your intentions in the most transparent way possible, so there will be zero misunderstandings.

Otherwise, revisions for dermal filler treatments will be another expense on your part.

6.) Find A Skilled, But Polite Cosmetic Doctor

While asking questions during your consultation appointment, be wary of cosmetic doctors that seem to rush everything to get it done. They tend to promote packages at the offset rather than discussing what the procedure entails and the aftermath. Cosmetic doctors should still act like doctors, thinking about what’s best for the patient.

Remember that there’s no such thing as a procedure without positives and negatives, and you will want a cosmetic doctor who is honest about all of these details—not a salesman. Your cosmetic doctor should also talk about realistic outcomes of the dermal filler procedure.


Finding the right cosmetic doctor for your dermal filler treatment may take a while, but your forbearance will be worth the wait once you find the ideal doctor. If you are interested in a dermal filler, you may consider contacting our clinic and setting up an appointment at Le Meilleur Beauty & Wellness. We offer injectable services that aim to assist our clients in addressing conditions or meeting their cosmetic goals.

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