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PDO Threads also known as Polydioxanone Threads are flexible sutures that are placed under the skin and can be used to lift, fill and tighten the skin in areas like the abdomen, thighs, elbows, knees, breast, and buttocks. With PDO body threads, you can see physical results immediately.

  • Stimulate the production of new collagen in your skin
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lift and improve the texture of sagging skin

In general, men and women in their 30's and above who have mild to moderate sagginess, wrinkles, and lines in the forehead, face, and/or neck are typically good candidates. Certain surgeons may also undertake the treatment as a non-surgical eyelift or other parts of the body.

This procedure involves the insertion of PDO threads via a cannula. The cannula is then removed leaving the thread in place. Over the following weeks, the threads begin to dissolve, leaving the face lifted. An immediate effect can often be seen after treatment, however, the results will improve over the course of 2-3 months.

PDO thread lift caused immediate improvements in skin sagging after the procedure. The results will improve over the course of 2-3 months. However, there was a noticeable decline in results 6 months later. Improvements were no longer apparent after 1 year.

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