What to Know About Ultrasonic Body Cavitation

What to Know About Ultrasonic Body Cavitation

Non-invasive fat removal procedures abound—all promising to aid in the removal of stubborn pockets of fat. However, are techniques such as ultrasonic body cavitation effective as they advertised? Can it indeed remove fat effectively despite being a non-surgical method?

This guide can learn more about whether or not this method can help you lose fat pockets. Continue reading to find out if you require ultrasonic body cavitation. 

What Is Ultrasonic Body Cavitation?

Many people look to ultrasound cavitation as an alternative to traditional liposuction. It is an additional type of non-invasive body contouring approach that can reduce the appearance of fat anywhere on the body.

Its unique approach is a less risky replacement for more invasive surgical procedures, such as liposuction. The treatment involves using ultrasonic radio waves to break apart fat cells, which are then taken up by the lymphatic system and used by the body.

In contrast to other procedures of a similar nature, such as ultrasound liposuction, ultrasonic cavitation does not require the patient to undergo any incisions. That means achieving better aesthetics is accessible, and you won’t have to spend too much recovery time on it.

Who’s The Best Candidate For The Treatment?

The perfect candidate for ultrasonic body cavitation are the following:

  • Is in good health
  • Non-smoker
  • Someone with realistic goals
  • Someone near within their weight goals

The goal of ultrasonic body cavitation is to help you achieve a more sculpted figure by focusing on specific areas of fat. Those attempting to lose a lot of weight will not benefit from it. Since this isn’t a weight-loss treatment, your doctor may advise you to lose weight first before approving you for the procedure.

The treatment is primarily for improving the body’s current aesthetic contour. It’s like “icing on the cake” if you’ve already slimmed down to a reasonable size. We’re just positioning the final touches on a pre-existing cake with icing. When a person’s body fat percentage is high, there is no cake to work with at all. 

Then again, each situation is different, so if you are unsure, seek consultation in our clinic so that we can address your queries and concerns. 

How Does Ultrasonic Body Cavitation Work?

Ultrasonic body cavitation utilizes ultrasound technology to rupture fat cells. An intense vibration will be caused when ultrasound waves are penetrated deeply into the layers of your skin. After that, fat cells begin to separate from one another and become detached from the dermal layers of your body. After a few days, your lymphatic system absorbs the fat cells and excretes them from your body as waste.

The idea sounds reasonable, but what do research and data say about ultrasonic body cavitation? Does it really work as they say it does? 

What The Studies Show

It is difficult to say how adequate this treatment is since each body has unique characteristics, but new research has shown some encouraging results. A pilot study published in 2019 examined the efficacy of ultrasonic cavitation treatment on fifty women who were clinically overweight.

Half of the women in the study agreed to follow a low-calorie diet, while the other half underwent body contouring procedures using radiofrequency and ultrasound. Following treatment with ultrasonic body cavitation for five weeks, the women’s body fat mass was found to have decreased. Curiously, they didn’t lose more weight than the other group; instead, they just lost body fat.

Another small study was conducted much earlier in 2007 and followed thirty people who were all treated with ultrasonic body cavitation for body contouring applications. After three treatments, all of the participants saw a reduction in the amount of body fat they possessed. At the end of the research project, the size of the treated fat area on the participant’s body had decreased by one to three centimeters.

These studies show that the participants did not lose weight; instead, they only lost fat. So, in short, it does help shape your body and make you appear more sculpted. It does work as advertised. 

What Happens During A Ultrasonic Body Cavitation Appointment?

The process of ultrasonic cavitation is not complicated to carry out. Depending on the part of your body that will be treated on the day of your appointment, your provider may ask you to disrobe in private and put on a paper gown before beginning the procedure.

Your provider may use alcohol to sanitize the area that will be treated. They will move slowly over the location of your body that is the focus of the ultrasound treatment using a portable ultrasound device.

During the procedure, you might experience a warm sensation, and you might hear a buzzing sound coming from the ultrasound machine. The duration of treatment typically ranges from forty minutes to one hour.

What Happens After The Procedure?

You should be capable of standing up and driving home after the ultrasonic body cavitation treatment has been completed. In a few cases, there is minimal bleeding and pain. After the procedure, you will be given specific instructions to hydrate as much as possible so your body can more effectively eliminate the fatty cells through the lymphatic system.

However, you shouldn’t anticipate seeing results right away. Immediately following your appointment, your body may have the sensation of being bloated or swollen. It will take a while for your body to dissolve and dissipate the fat cells that have become detached from their usual location.

To see visible results, you may also need to undergo multiple treatments. Most candidates for this treatment see their conclusive result anywhere from six to twelve weeks after beginning treatment. It typically takes between one and three sessions to see visible results from the treatment.

Ultrasonic body cavitation effects are long-lasting provided you continue to engage in healthy behaviors like eating right and exercising regularly. Fat deposits can return to areas of the body that have been treated if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.


Using ultrasonic body cavitation to eliminate stubborn fat deposits has been shown to be highly effective in studies. Contact and visit Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness if you are interested in the treatment. We also have other treatments that can help with other skin and aesthetic issues.


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