Benefits Of PDO Max Threads For Your Personality

Benefits Of PDO Max Threads For Your Personality

If you’ve recently become aware of some slight skin sagging or drooping, think about your alternatives. Many patients feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of skin-tightening options available. PDO body thread lifting can be a great alternative to cosmetic surgery for men and women in the early to moderate stages of skin laxity but still want to look and feel younger. In a few minutes, consumers of this popular treatment noticeably report a more lifted and toned appearance to their skin.

With the help of our trained aestheticians, you can obtain natural-looking face rejuvenation with no downtime. Learn more about PDO thread lifting and its many advantages by reading on.

What Is PDO Body Thread Lifting?

Thread lifts use polydioxanone (PDO Threads) sutures, which have been safely used in surgery for many years and are FDA-approved to lift, tighten, firm, and smooth the skin. 

These injectables are a great alternative (or complement) to surgical and other skin rejuvenation procedures because the results are instantaneous, improve over time, can last for years, and don’t leave scars. Thread lifts are among the hottest trends in cosmetic surgery and the newest method of facial rejuvenation. It’s the perfect choice if you value efficiency and want to see results quickly with nearly no downtime.

In about an hour, you’ll see an improvement in your body’s appearance without any noticeable scarring or permanent damage.


Non-surgical face and neck lifts, cosmetic rejuvenation, and wrinkle reduction are all possible using PDO (Polydioxanone) threads. PDO threads have been used for decades in medicine, mainly for heart surgeries. 

On the other hand, PDO body threads are applied to loose skin in the abdominal region, the buttocks, the back, the inner thighs, and the upper arms. They are effective against cellulite and stretch marks, too.

PDO threads have been shown to relax muscles and tendons while encouraging the body to produce new collagen. They work internally to improve lymphatic drainage and boost skin elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis, all of which contribute to a youthful appearance.

How It Works

When you use PDO Threads, your body will respond by producing more collagen in that location. While the body eventually absorbs the thread, the collagen it stimulates remains permanently in place to provide lasting volume and lift.

Your provider will select the optimal number and type of threads for you and then meticulously put them in either a directed pattern to shape and lift drooping skin or a crosshatch pattern to create a solid foundation for skin enhancement. As a result, this has a dual effect on the appearance of aging:

  • Instantaneous rejuvenation as fine lines and wrinkles are lifted and smoothed out right away!
  • Collagen production increases as a result of the skin’s natural healing response; as a result, the skin becomes more robust, firmer, and more flexible, and it maintains its youthful, smooth appearance even after the body has safely absorbed the sutures.


Treatment involves inserting a needle already loaded into a cannula. After inserting the cannula, your injector will leave the thread under your skin.

Your body will naturally react to the suture and begin the healing process surrounding it. The threads can be strategically put to fill in wrinkles or lines, tighten the skin around the neck and brows, or promote collagen in regions with volume loss.

In the following four to six months, your skin will completely absorb the threads without leaving any scar tissue. Usually, the effects remain for a year, but they can last for up to two years if the body produces collagen to replace the thread as it degrades.

Types Of Threads Used

Here are several PDO threads that may be used for your appointment. 

  • Mono Threads: These have no sharp edges or barbs on them. The face can be tightened by inserting many threads in a mesh-like pattern. Collagen formation surrounding the thread aids in skin tightening. The neck, forehead, and eye areas are all potential treatment zones.
  • Screw Threads: A single thread or two threads entangled around the needle used for insertion can serve this purpose. A general facelift can be accomplished with the help of screw threads, which are very effective at plumping up hollow parts of the skin.
  • Cog Threads: These hook to the skin’s underside and resemble monofilament threads with barbs. The barbs act as a scaffold that pulls up the sagging tissue. The threads and their barbs might also cause collagen to develop in the area. Cog threads are a popular cosmetic procedure, most effectively slimming and elevating the jawline.

How Long Will Its Effects Last?

A PDO thread lift’s longevity will depend on the person receiving the treatment. After the treatment, you can start seeing improvements immediately, but the full benefit will be apparent for another 9 to 12 months.

Skin sagging will occur as the threads dissolve; however, it can be remedied by reapplying the threads. If a second lift is needed, more operations can be done to tighten the skin again.

Potential Side Effects

PDO body thread lifts involve several precautions to protect everyone’s well-being. All components are safe and legal for human use, FDA-approved, and the number of threads inserted into the skin is tailored to the individual’s anatomy. In most cases, there are no adverse outcomes to the surgery.

Among the possible adverse effects are the following:

  • Injection sites will experience pain, redness, and edema.
  • Needles are sticking out of the flesh.
  • Surgical site bruises and light bleeding

The danger of scarring is also modest; in fact, it’s no higher than it would be if the same treatments were performed with sutures. The synthetic biological material the threads are formed from dramatically reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction.


A practical method of rejuvenating your face, a PDO thread lift is also relatively inexpensive. It’s made to take as little time out of the patient’s schedule as possible while producing satisfactory outcomes. In most cases, the process takes one office visit to finish. On top of that, you can rest assured that it gets better with use.

Do you want to look your best but need help figuring out where to start? PDO body threads are a great option. Contact us immediately and come to Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness. We offer various cosmetic services that can fulfill your aesthetic goals.


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