Is Vacuum Therapy Good For Buttock Augmentation?

Is Vacuum Therapy Good For Buttock Augmentation

Vacuum therapy is something to consider if you’ve been trying to get a more toned rear end without much success. Vacuum buttocks therapy, a well-liked method of aesthetic improvement, may help you attain the look you’ve been after.

This non-invasive treatment utilizes cutting-edge suction technology to help you achieve a raised, more toned posterior.

When clients come to Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness, they can get buttocks therapy to help them look and feel better. There has been a recent uptick in the popularity of non-surgical body contouring methods. These less invasive procedures need less time for recovery and have fewer dangers and adverse effects than invasive surgery. Keep reading to discover how to vacuum butt therapy might help you achieve your ideal body contours.

How Vacuum Buttocks Therapy Is Different

Vacuum therapy is intended to assist in tone and tightening your rear without incisions or transferring fat from other body parts, in contrast to the traditional Brazilian butt lift.

Although there is no recovery period and no scarring associated with vacuum therapy, the results are not as substantial as those of other treatments for buttock contouring.

If you’re wondering whether or not vacuum therapy is correct for you, this blog will help you become better informed about your treatment options with a board-certified practitioner. First, though, let’s define “vacuum therapy.”

What Is Vacuum Therapy?

Vacuum treatment is a form of massage that can help elevate your skin without causing any damage. A mechanical apparatus with suction cups are used for this treatment.

While vacuum therapy was first launched in the 1970s to aid in the treatment of burn scars, it has since evolved into a procedure for a non-surgical butt lift. Skin ulcer healing is another possible therapy application, and it has been the focus of numerous studies.

Vacuotherapy, also known as depressomassage, is another name for this technique. This method is sometimes used to simulate the outcomes of a regular breast lift and its stated benefits for the butts.

Vacuum Therapy On Your Posterior

The buttocks can be toned, sculpted, and enhanced with vacuum therapy without seeming artificial. It accomplishes this by increasing circulation to the buttocks through suction technology. This efficiently tightens the skin and gives the body a more toned look.

It has been proven that buttocks therapy, which takes only 30 minutes, is as effective as performing over a thousand squats. Vacuum butt therapy’s smoothing effects may also diminish skin flaws like cellulite.

Vacuum therapy is safe for nearly everyone and can be tried. However, your doctor will need to check your vitals and go through your medical history to ensure there are no unintended consequences.

Is Vacuum Therapy Good For Buttock Augmentation?

A key component of vacuum therapy is the use of vigorous massage effects. Possible benefits of the procedure for buttock toning are as follows:

  • Relaxing muscular tension
  • Skin tightening and toning benefits are amplified by stimulating the dermal layer.
  • Improved cellulite concealment
  • As a result of the exfoliation process, the skin will look and feel more refined and toned.
  • Boosting Lymphatic Flow: A Natural Way to Reduce Toxin Buildup and Retain Vital Fluids

After a few weeks of therapy, you may feel that your buttocks have been raised since the skin is tighter and has more tone.

The majority of people feel better after eight treatments. However, we will still recommend a treatment plan suited to your needs during your consultation. We recommend that once the initial treatment has been completed, monthly maintenance treatments be continued at a rate of twice.

Results Aren’t Permanent

If you stop getting vacuum therapy treatments, your skin will likely return to how it was before. We recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise for longer-lasting effects. The procedure is risk-free and convenient and costs much less than surgical alternatives with no downtime.

Instead of trying a quick fix, you should talk to your doctor about the option of surgery if you want to see long-term improvements. The results of these tests can be used to ascertain whether or not you should undergo more invasive procedures.

What Happens During Your Appointment

Knowing what to expect during your vacuum butt therapy session before you go in is crucial. An explanation of how butt cupping works in its entirety is provided below.


Please schedule a consultation with our cosmetic medical professionals before your buttocks therapy session to ensure it’s the right therapy for you. To choose the best course of action, we will evaluate your present physique and discuss the results you hope to achieve.

Schedule your first appointment for vacuum buttocks therapy if you have been determined to be a suitable candidate for the treatment. There’s no need to get ready in advance. Wearing underwear that is both comfortable and won’t get in the way of where the vacuum devices are placed is highly recommended.


You can lie on a treatment table to maximize your relaxation during your vacuum buttocks therapy session. You’ll lie on your stomach and have a big suction cup attached to each buttock. When worn, these cups should cover the vast majority of the buttock for the wearer.

The skin and tissue are sucked into the suction cup before the air is removed using a vacuum device. The result is improved blood flow to the skin and underlying muscles.

Better blood flow to the area is linked to a firmer, tighter buttock and a more defined thigh muscle. Also, this is a great way to hide cellulite. It takes around 30 minutes to finish the whole thing.

Find The Right Provider

All cosmetic procedures, even non-invasive ones like vacuum therapy, should be performed by a doctor who has passed the relevant boards.

It’s crucial to remember to ask potential providers about their degrees, training, and experience with the procedure in question when doing research.

There is no need for invasive surgery when you choose vacuum buttocks therapy to tighten and tone your posterior. Contact and reach out to our clinic, Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness, if you’re interested in the treatment. In addition to our surgical alternatives, we provide a variety of non-invasive therapies to assist in your body contouring needs.


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