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Are IV Hydration Therapy and IV Vitamin Therapy Safe

In cities all over the country, IV lounges and drip bars have opened up. The treatment promises vitamin infusions that can make you feel more hydrated, give you energy, boost your immune system, and fight the signs of aging.

IV therapy is said to work because it sends water, nutrients, and minerals directly into your bloodstream without going through your digestive system. Today with us here at Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness, we’ll discover how this IV hydration therapy works!

See if it’s good for you and the treatments that can help boost your appearance. Check out this post for more details.

Does IV Therapy and Vitamin Works?

The idea behind IV hydration therapy and IV vitamin therapy is to give your body specially-made cocktails of nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

And sometimes, even medications through an IV can help replenish, restore, and detoxify your body faster than drinking water, eating healthy, or taking a pill by mouth.

While it’s true that an IV can speed up how quickly things get into your bloodstream, it’s unlikely that boutique IV therapy can do what they say it can do. To this day, there is still no “actual” research from experts that IV vitamin therapies can help you with your worries.

But still, most patients claim that it has lots of good benefits for themselves and is safe to try. If you’re looking for one, here’s what Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness can help with.

IV Therapy For Hydration

IV Hydration Therapy sends essential vitamins, fluids, and nutrients straight into the bloodstream. IV Hydration Therapy works by putting fluids, minerals, and vitamins directly into a person’s bloodstream through a small IV.

This varies from person to person, but after the first few cycles, most people can have the treatment once or twice a month.

The main advantages of IV hydration therapy are:

  • Bring the mind and body the nutrients they need.
  • Replace the fluids and vitamins you lost.
  • Make your skin look better.

Treatments at Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness

Here at Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness, you can try treatments specifically for IV hydration. For instance, IV hydration makes cells more hydrated and fixes electrolyte imbalances.

It also replaces vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have been used up. IV Hydration Therapy is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their overall health. But if you want a specific result, you should talk to a licensed esthetician who can help you find the proper treatment.

At Le Meilleur Beauty & Wellness, we have many different kinds of infusions, such as:

  • Alleviate
  • Get Up & Go
  • Quench
  • Boost Immunity
  • Brainstorm
  • Beauty Bomb
  • Rehab Cocktail
  • Recovering and doing well
  • Cocktail Myers
  • Package Upgrade

The following will also be part of your treatment:

  • Lymphatic massage after liposuction
  • Diet education after surgery
  • Compression
  • IV Hydration before your surgery and right after your surgery
  • 12 sessions of lymphatic massage drain and, if necessary, suture removal
  • Exercise
  • Checking up on wound care
  • If necessary, drain the seroma.

So, Are These Treatments Safe?

Again, if you get an IV in the hospital, it’s because you need it. IV therapy is a standard procedure done in a clinical setting and is very safe. Most importantly, it is given by experts in a medical-grade building.

On the other hand, the IV drips at boutique IV therapy places aren’t FDA-approved. They aren’t given in a hospital or infusion center. Also, some say these businesses aren’t regulated well enough, depending on who you ask.

And rules are essential because IV therapy can have risks. Getting an IV can cause minor side effects like pain, swelling, and scarring at the IV site. A person can also get an infection. It’s not unusual for someone to stay in the hospital because of problems with IV vitamin therapy.

Other Risks To Consider

If you decide to try IV therapy, ensure it is done in a safe, clean place. It would be best if you also asked who will give you the IV and how much experience they have.

In rare cases, your vein might get infected or swell up. People over 65 tend to have smaller veins, making it harder to start an IV in them than in younger people. The weaker and more complicated your health is, the less likely I will try these things.

Also, knowing what will be put into your body is essential. That’s because some drips contain anti-inflammatory or anti-nausea drugs that could cause an allergic reaction or cause problems with the patient’s other medications.

Find Out How IV Hydration Therapy Works

IV infusions are safe and non-invasive for instant results, whether you want to speed up your weight loss or keep from getting deficient. If you have a specific concern and want to learn more about IV infusions, contact us to make an appointment.

Don’t worry; our Le Meilleur Beauty and Wellness doctors are all experts and skilled. We ensure you’ll have the best experience and safety throughout the procedure. Again, we aim to provide each client has a Le Meilleur experience.

Le Meilleur is unlike any other medspa because it has excellent customer service, pampers its clients, and gets fantastic results for people of all races.

Our staff wants you to treat yourself, have fun, and put money into yourself when you have time off. Our main target with each treatment is to help you reach your goals. So, we hope to see you drop here in our clinic!


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